Occupational health, Labor safety and Environmental protection

EXPERTS FOR SOLUTIONS operates in the field of occupational health, labor safety and environmental protection. A team of professional experts offers companies such services as: risk assessment for all work processes in the area; Conducting labor safety instruction for staff; daily monitoring and reporting on labor safety and occupational health; Checking the level of utilization of personnel in the direction of occupational health and safety protection in the field of work production, investigating and reporting incidents, establishing and conducting corrective and preventive measures. Conducting first and second party audits and preparing organizations for third party audits. The activity of EFS also includes the development of environmental protection policy, conducting environmental measurements and reporting, carrying out measures to be in compliance with all other requirements provided for by Georgian legislation, in the direction of environmental protection.

Construction quality control

Quality control is strategically important in the construction process. EXPERTS FOR SOLUTIONS team of experts offers companies a complete package of construction quality control. The service includes the inspection of the project of the construction object and the control of the construction quality on a daily basis. as well as technical supervision of construction works and production of acts of completed construction works.

Geodetic Services

Geodetic analysis studies the soil of astronomical-geodesic, gravimetric measurements and observations of geometrical elements and makes a preliminary assessment of activities related to it. EXPERTS FOR SOLUTIONS team of experts offers companies geodetic soil analysis, preparation and confirmation of related acts. The service also includes tracing works and creating dimensional drawings of constructions.

Constructor services

EXPERTS FOR SOLUTIONS team of constructors offers customers a full range of services, which includes technical and economic review and expertise of construction projects, as well as preparation and design of construction drawings; Activities also include preparation of relevant documentation for construction projects and technical supervision of compliance with building norms and standards during construction.

Construction cost estimate

Correct and detailed cost estimation is a strategically important part of the construction process. EXPERTS FOR SOLUTIONS team of experts within the framework of the construction cost accounting service compares the presented volumes with the data determined by the project, as well as determining the conformity of the material costs, labor resource costs with normative-technical documents and comparing the costs with the average market price


EXPERTS FOR SOLUTIONS is a development-oriented team of experts whose goal is to create a stable and standards-compliant building norms ecosystem. In order to achieve this goal, the company constantly conducts trainings in all areas of activity and promotes the development of both employees and new talents.